Saint Francis

Tau Maria Franciscans


The Tau Maria Franciscans are a private association of Christ's faithful called to live a life of penance, prayer, poverty, and service reflective of the original Charism given to St. Francis of Assisi. Being faithful to our call to holiness is our primary gift to God's Church.

The Tau Maria family is made up of three distinct groups; The Tau Maria Franciscan Cordbearers, Tau Maria Franciscans in formation, and those who are perpetually professed Tau Maria Franciscans.

We are a group of Lay people who are striving to wholeheartedly embrace Christ's call to radical faith and conversion (Mk. 1:15) under the spiritual fatherhood of St. Francis.

“I have come into religion to live not as others live, but to live as all ought to live, in the spirit of the Institute and full observance of the Rule; for, at my entrance, the Rules were given to me to read, and not the lives of others. The Rules were then accepted by me voluntarily and as the basis of my life, and therefore I ought to observe them all exactly, although I should see that no one else observed them.” ~St. Bonaventure